Ales & Lagers in my heart :D

A short video about the differences between ale and lager beers 🙂 Enjoy 😉


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Videoblog is coming sooooon!

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, but now I’m back with a quite new concept… It’s an exciting time, let those videos come! 🙂

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Take the GMO quiz!

Hey everyone,

I found this tricky GMO quiz around the internet yesterday… And  I must say it proved to be faaar less easy than I had expected! Try it and see how much you know actually! 😉


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State of Seeds

Hey everyone,

A very light weekend post coming here… about seeds again!

It’s a video from Lisbon from the Annual ESA (European Seed Association) meeting with Garlich Von Essen, Secretary Genereal of the association. The video is only 15 minutes long, but it gives a really nice peek into the current topics of European seed industry issues.

From neonics to Nagoya and to the European Seed magazine, we can hear about a lot of things… If you missed the meeting this year, these 15 mins will be definitely worth the time! 🙂 Enjoy 🙂


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The ins and outs of olive oil & first B-day! :)

Dear all,
The great news for today is that the blog is soon turning 1 year old! 🙂 In the past 12 months you could read 66 articles (67th coming here! 😀 ) about interesting Agri & Food topics. Thank you for the thousands of visitors from all over the World, I’m very grateful and happy for everybody coming here from time to time 😉 Let the enthusiasm run on, I hope we’ll have many similarly great years together!

Now check out the first short promo video that I made based on the 2 most-read articles so far… The ins and outs of olive oil production 🙂


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Grandma is in focus

In the recent weeks I have noticed a quite interesting tendency in nutrition and food marketing related news- companies started really focusing on the elderly.

Apparently the food industry has realised, that this field is still pretty much intact, and they have failed to personalise their offer to older people so far. (Unlike in case of kids- child nutrition is an ever-rising industry.)
This is going to change now. Studies and products are appearing on the market every day… just some of the recent articles:
Beverage makers see opportunities in older consumers
New nutrition concepts for a new elderly generation
Emotional eating: How do the elderly feel about food?
From cradle to grave, Japan’s Kewpie adapts menu to feed ageing nation
3D printed food for the elderly may hit shelves in 2016
As you can see, many journals write about the topic, from FoodNavigator to Reuters to Foodbusinessnews.

The main focus of these articles is the different nutritional requirements of the elderly. Now companies try focusing on deeloping new products which are specially adapted to the needs of the aging people.
Personally, I believe that these efforts are justified to some extent. For example developing foods for old people with chewing or swallowing difficulties is reasonable and could be an actual solution to an actual problem. Also, a big part of aging people do not have a access to independent, factual information that tells them about their special nutritional needs. However, in my opinion, informing them should be the task of their doctors, families and communities. I do not think there is such a desperate need for immense amount of different new products- also beacuse their needs are really not too different from the needs of other adults. But obviously the interest of business is to exploit this segment- let us see how successfully.


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Forks over Knives and dietary guidelines

Dear Foodies 🙂 I had a great food documentary experience a few days ago- namely I watched the movie ‘Forks over Knives‘. I must admit I’m pretty easily fascinated by shocking data about mankind especially if they are about nutrition… and this documentary is packed with those.

The basic idea is that we, human beings should pretty much avoid animal-based protein. Throughout the movie, highly respected doctors and scientists list the myriad of evidence from statistical and scientific research in order to prove: animal protein is BAD for us and we should all follow a plant-based diet.
And I must say they do it really very efficiently, the message is clear and frightening.

I am very impressed by what I saw, however I must say the responses for the movie are quite divided. Some people are worshiping the plant-based diet, some of them say it’s a total fraud.

Obsiously we cannot know the real truth (which most probably does not exist), but what’s sure is that the USDA revises the dietary guidelines for Americans– and I am very curious how big and radical the changes would be… Honestly, I hope to see some moves towards a more balanced diet. Not only in the recommendations, but also in policy measures and eventually in everyday life.

Here is the trailer of the movie, I recommend it to everyone who’s interested in food documentaries, foody policy, nutrition and health in general- this is defintiely something that you should take into consideration.


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