The ins and outs of olive oil & first B-day! :)

Dear all,
The great news for today is that the blog is soon turning 1 year old! 🙂 In the past 12 months you could read 66 articles (67th coming here! 😀 ) about interesting Agri & Food topics. Thank you for the thousands of visitors from all over the World, I’m very grateful and happy for everybody coming here from time to time 😉 Let the enthusiasm run on, I hope we’ll have many similarly great years together!

Now check out the first short promo video that I made based on the 2 most-read articles so far… The ins and outs of olive oil production 🙂



About Luca Utassy

Horticulture, agriculture, food and communication. This is what I love and do. From seeds through production, plant health, marketing, animal breeding, economy, policy, foodsafety, food quality and so on... I love this full package and I would love to share my enthusiasm and generate a little agrilover foodie-environment here :)
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