Foodies are now Feedies!

This post is going to be a little be different from the previous ones. Now the topic is only undirectly plant-related, but it has raised my interest quite a bit and I would like to share it with you too! 🙂

Today I am writing about a phone app called Feedie.
I was reading about “6 innovations feeding the world“, a nice article about interesting innovations. Feedie was totally new for me so I started searching for it and I find it an absolutely lovely idea.

The point of the Feedie is that you can go out to have a nice meal in a nice (participating) restaurant, take a photo of your meal with your smartphone, share it… And! The participant restaurants donate a meal (equivalent to yours) to starving children in Africa.
The idea is brilliant also becuase many people take photos of their meal when eating out anyway… why not do some charity with it too?

So far more than 12 million meals have been shared (since October 2013). The participating restaurants are all in the USA, but… Who knows, maybe after some time we Europeans can also offer a dinner just by eating out and taking a photo of the dish 🙂



About Luca Utassy

Horticulture, agriculture, food and communication. This is what I love and do. From seeds through production, plant health, marketing, animal breeding, economy, policy, foodsafety, food quality and so on... I love this full package and I would love to share my enthusiasm and generate a little agrilover foodie-environment here :)
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